räucherkegel von waldweihrauch biologisch aus heimischen kräutern
räucherkegel glimmt

Incense cone

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Product: Incense cones (7 pieces) in a wooden box

Österreich Flagge manually iMade in Austria.

These unique pieces are made from the finest wild herbs and woods, mixed with the resin of the Austrian black pine. The herbs come from the Bregahof, an organic farm in Lower Austria, at the foot of the Hohe Wand, where they are processed by hand by Florian and Angelika into the fragrant incense cones.

Free from synthetic fragrances and other additives! No additional scenting by essential oils.

Use: The smoldering of incense cones is one of the most gentle ways to incense. Place the cone on a fireproof surface and light the tip. Blow out the flame and let it die down. Unlimited shelf life when stored dry. Burn time about 15-25 minutes.

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