About Alpengummi

Experience the natural taste of Alpengummi - the first natural chewing gum of the Alps. 


What is so special about Alpengummi?



• We produce our sustainable gum base from local tree resin & beeswax

• 100% plastic and petroleum free, without potentially harmful additives like aspartame, titanium dioxide, softeners and co.

• As Alpengummiis sweetened purely with xylitol/ birch sugar, it is even good for the teeth

• We support the old traditional craft of resin extraction (pitching) in Lower Austria

• Thanks to purely renewable raw materials, our natural chewing gum is biodegradable


     Alpengummi ist different. And that is a good thing.

    Our  gum base brings a slightly woody natural flavour that will remind you of your most beautiful walks in the forest! Tree resins are chewed in many cultures around the world for their antibacterial properties.

    Chew smart! Chew Alpengummi.


    Available in the flavours Forest Mint, Strawberry Basil and Juniper Verbena.