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Alpengummi introductory package - fantastic fiver

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Product: 5 Packs of Alpine Gum (1x Wood Mint, 1x Strawberry Basil, 1x Juniper Verbena, 1x Cinnamon Orange, 1x Pine Needle Lemon)

contents: 5x12g in cardboard box or compostable ziplock bag


Österreich Flagge  Made in Austria.


ingredientsGum base*, sweetener: xylitol, steviol glycosides, stabilizer: gum arabic, humectant: glycerin**, emulsifier: lecithin***, natural flavors, antioxidant: extracts with a high tocopherol content***. *Gum base made from tree resin and beeswax, **from plant sources, ***from sunflowers

Allergens: Not suitable for rosin allergy sufferers.

durability:  8-12 Fun

delivery time: 7-14 business days

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